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Dunapack Rambox, member of the Dunapack Packaging Group is one of the biggest producers of corrugated and micro-corrugated cardboard on the Romanian market. Wherever you are we are in your immediate neighborhood. Contact the nearest representative of Dunapack Rambox.

With a wide range of products that includes packages of corrugated cardboard from those manufactured for storing and transporting goods to displays and packages with promotional role, Dunapack Rambox satisfies almost all the actual demands of the market.

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Products - Market segments

Cans Fruits and vegetables Diary products Other food (including sweets, coffee, etc.) Textiles and footwear Soft drinks (including mineral water) Alcoholic drinks Paper and packagings Cleaning products Pharmaceutical products Cosmetics and personal hygiene Chemicals Automotive and components Household appliances Interior decorations, leisure products (including furniture, toys, ceramics etc.) Building materials

Design & Innovation


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